14 Gunshots

by Drublic

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released October 31, 2018

Riff Club


all rights reserved



Drublic Florence, Italy

Italian punk rock band from Florence (near).

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Track Name: Tightrope Walker
A long barbwire
vanishes into fog
drops of blood
fall into an empty space

I’m walking a tightrope
between fake glee and depression
that’s what I get
that’s right, that’s..
Track Name: Chemical Happiness
I’ve been looking everywhere for you
but I didn’t find anything
What the fuck
You’ve always been close to me
but I was led astray by silly things

small colorful candy,
Drips pure serenity
give me some chemical glee
I don’t care for
If it goes away
I can take new pills
give me some true chemical glee

I will look a bit strange
don't you worry, it's just a side effect
Fake bliss
like they say in the books 
who can say what is true?
Track Name: Beast in Love
I'm falling down into
A deeper darkness
Desperation's never been so sweet before
Black tears' cutting my face as my lips
Make up a sad smile
I can see the deep end, it's time to say goodbye

One big thump
Where am I ?
there is only gastric juice around me

One big headache
My guts are empty but
All the crap is staying inside me

This is
This is
The last time
Track Name: INRI
what kind of god allows violence against women
what kind of god allows violence against children
what kind of king bombs innocent people
what kind of politician feeds world hunger

no fucking gods
both worldly and heavenly
no fucking kings
both armed and rich
no fucking politicians
of any kind
I dream of having their head cut off

I am tired of seeing human beings
so wild, merciless and indifferent
people devoted to worshipping abuse
people devoted to worshipping business
Track Name: Darwin's Error
Human evolution
has stopped for centuries
Excess is
more important than need

drugged brains
stupid pawns
Skulls full of shit
beautiful fashionable walking deads
there is no
nor shame in human beings
we deserve to be extinct

Are replaced by bits
is injected via social media
Track Name: Childhood Dream
“When I grow up I want to be
a firefighter or a doctor
so I will save all human beings”
Kids, they dream of this

when I was young, I dreamed of
living like a bum
With no bonds
Completely free
wandering the streets

when I was young, I dreamed of
Walking the world with no cash
with a dog
or a wildcat
it was my silly dream
Track Name: Springtime
I don't know what's going on
Springtime explodes inside me
I'm not used to this
Everything seems to be easier

I’m like a blind man seeing the blue sky for the very first time
Walking in space, flying through clouds, daydreaming all the time
It feels like a sweet smile..
Track Name: War
A big explosion
screams of despair
a vast section
of mud and flesh

mass executions
shreds of children
all over the town

meanwhile you’re drinking
a long island and thinking
of chasing those immigrants out
Track Name: Matrix
We are not living in a simulated reality
We are perceiving pretenses as facts
Our needs are of no importance
Human needs are fully satisfied

It's a foolish race
Without a finish line
You've wasted your time

Wealth is the ribbon you'll never break through in your life
But your race will give money to rich people
They take advantage of your time
Making up a reality show of fake needs

Track Name: Mirror
There’s something sucking your life
That makes a big dark hole 
Isolation seems to be 
the only way out from it

No room for commiseration
that this show doesn't deserve
What you see in the mirror
Looks like puke in the sun
Track Name: Goodbye
poor man, he’s dying slowly
together with his stupid kindness
like a punctured blood sack
he’s losing his worthless life

and so, what will remain of him?
a cold grey human being
he is waiting for the passing.. for the passing of time 

The clock ticking slowly
it’s like a cutting pendulum
That swings over the wrists
and cuts them again and again
and so, goodbye to everything
wonder, delight and amusement
goodbye to everything
Track Name: Hate
last night, the taste of hate
was so strong I could not sleep anymore
once I could count ghosts faces
monsters, demons and fake enemies
and now I have nothing to puke up my filthy hate

it’s just hate
fucking hate
Its taste always filling up my mouth

when i was young
it had a metallic, bloody flavor 
then I got older
it has changed into something sour
and now I have nothing to puke up my filthy hate
Track Name: She is so Beautiful
She is so beautiful
Despite her appearance, she looks beautiful
Without make-up, without friils
With messy hair or with just an eye, she is so beautiful

She is so beautiful
Despite watching her feet more than her face
And when she gets mad
Her voice becomes very nasal but lovely

"where do you want to go?"
"I don't much care where.."
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go"
Track Name: My Last Love Song
It's been a while
Since we last spoke
And it seems like
nothing has changed

What you say it's true
I've been thinking about you
Maybe I've been stupid
But I feel that everything was useless

More silly words
Trashed with disdain
They feed the sorrow
Hidden inside our minds

I try to fill up
The emptiness with answers
One thing's for sure
I swear to keep my promise
It will not be for you
The next one will be my last love song

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